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Rosemary Apple Blossom Lonewolf


I am an American Indian artist, from Santa Clara Pueblo (Tewa) tribe, located in northern New Mexico, USA. With my father Joseph Lonewolf and his sister Grace Medicine Flower as expert teachers, I began my career learning the family tradition of Pottery Making at the age of 18. Using Tewa name of Apple Blossom, I produced my native clay pots which “evolved to become a visual journal, documenting my personal experiences as a contemporary Tewa woman.”

Working in different mediums (tile murals, watercolors, monoprints, etchings, bronze and designing pedestrian bridges), my primary medium of expression remains clay. “I feel energy flowing in clay, allowing me to freely form an image. Working with structural engineers we transform my palm sized clay models into monumental steel structures [The Isaac Pedestrian bridge; Phoenix, AZ & The Basket Bridge; Tucson, AZ] which span multi-lane highways.”

My artwork is included in the National Museum of the American Indian, the New Mexico Museum of Indian Art & Culture and in the Heard Museum’s commissioned collaborative of a clay & glass entryway piece. “It is a pleasure to share my art and tribal traditions with an appreciative international audience of cultural exchanges.”

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