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Lorenzo Cassa

My encompassing survey of the art world began when I enrolled in 1976 at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. To be honest, although I was not the resilient student in the Art History classes, the slide presentations of art through time is probably the most overwhelming element of influence contributed to broadening my perspective of realism.

Years ago, I recognized that while realism can never be attributed to any one artist but it is one channel of many techniques used for depicting an expression through art, there is the possibility of emphasizing a unique expression in realism that is uncompromisingly genuine when focusing on historical content. You become the storyteller, the advocate, the security, and production director of that specific scene of a particular event in time. It could be the argument of every art piece of every style in two dimensional designs since the discovery of the first cave paintings. But to catch the inspiration and transfer it to a realistic scene for the first time in the history of mankind and induce the viewer to wander into an environment inhabited by the original occupiers from a western era gone by, I feel is justifiably a focal point the artist can claim as the honored repository. The artist is merely a channel for the Creator: to elevate the spirits of the disheartened!”


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