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Gary Custer

Gary Custer is a member of the Navajo Nation.  The Navajo culture is the backbone of his life.  He proudly carries on his family tradition of designing and making jewelry.

His stunning deigns reflect both his traditional culture and heritage as well as a contemporary interpretation.  Gary’s works is highly detailed, infused with care and creative passion.  Through his art, Gary strives to provide his collectors with a connection in traditional values.

His work from Generations made his art and talent of what it is today.  Tufa casting and sand casting has become his specialty.  He enjoys working with the traditional pattern and creating unique designs. Custer has received many awards and his pieces can be found in many fine galleries and museums across the North and Southwestern United States and Europe. The work of Gary Custer is considered among the businesses as a very fine line of Contemporary Indian Artwork.


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